Sunday, 27 April 2014

Making the Right Decisions...

OK, firstly, apologies for the lack of updates, been kind of busy. So, updates first of all. The break in process for these new skates, has actually been OK! I've given up wearing them around the house, and just skate in them as I normally would, and they're now almost there. I also figured out why my laces were too short - I wasn't tightening them enough in other areas, once I started doing that, I could easily tie my bow. 

Skating wise, we're finally making progress on inside 3's! I can do them away from the wall, and now with very, very limited input from my coach. I need to keep practicing this, but she thinks another few weeks and they'll be passed. On Tuesday we started working on my landing position - holding a backwards outside edge, as this is part of Skate UK level 8, which I'll soon be working on. I can do this relatively well with a push away from the wall, just need to work on holding it from backwards crossovers. I need to do it on both feet, so that will be interesting on my non-dominant side. 

So, you might have noticed there was no talk of my upcoming competition in all of that. Well, the thing is... I pulled out. Due to no other adults skating the spin, jump, spiral category, I would've had to skate with the 11-15 year olds. My spin was basically non-existant, and in the new boots, so was my 3 jump. So I spoke to my coach, told her I didn't feel up to competing this time, and she was lovely, said we could work on getting all the elements really strong, and compete next time the rink holds a competition.

I did go along to watch, and take part in an exhibition number with the adult dance group (not my best skate, I wasn't able to make many rehearsals - lesson learnt there). It was really cool watching everyone, cheering and seeing how things worked. I will definitely be doing the next one, I may even be at the level where I can skate a program, which would be quite cool. I did make the right call about pulling out, though, as the other competitors were really good, with quite high jumps and good, solid spins. I would've looked a fool. 

Another really cool thing was, a couple of weeks ago, I met my skating friend for the first time since Christmas, and her 3 week old baby boy! He's adorable, and she's itching to get back on the ice. She's coming to the rink on Tuesday, as she's got a relative to watch her son, so it will be nice to skate with her again :)