Sunday, 18 November 2012

New Skates!

Well, I finally got my figure skates today. I went to a nearby rink with a shop, I was there anyway to watch an ice hockey game, but got there early to try on skates.

I had some idea of the skates I wanted, but when I got there, that kind of changed. The girls in the shop were both high level figure skaters, and the first question they asked was, what level was I? Turns out, the skates I was set on buying, would've been too stiff for me, as they are designed for people doing jumps and spins, which I'm a way off doing at the moment. I would've found it harder to progress, and might've given up, if I'd got the wrong boots.

So then they got my size for me, and I tried the skates they recommended. I've got wide feet, and was looking at a brand called Jackson, which are known to be wider fitting. The girls showed me how to lace the skates properly, and got me to stand and walk in them. They felt fantastic, and I decided then, that I'd buy them.

What I really liked, was that the shop didn't try to force me into a boot that wasn't right, because it cost more. They sold me a skate that was suited to my level (and some accessories, so they made up the difference in price!) and were helpful in correcting my misconceptions (that buying above my level was a good plan).

So, they checked my blades, and said that I had a factory sharpening on them, so could go and test them on the public session, which I did. It was weird at first, I kept catching my toepicks, and stumbling around like Bambi on ice. But then, I got my flow back again, and it became easier.

I'm still struggling with lacing my skates, it's the 4 hooks at the top that confuse me. Maybe because I'm practicing with the boot on my knee, I suspect if I put said boot on and tried, I'd get it.

I also now have a red mark just above where my socks ended - this is normal as the skates need to mould to my feet and ankles, but it is very annoying. Hopefully, with a few more hours on the ice, that problem will go away, because other than that, the fit is great!

I love my new skates!

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  1. Congratulations on your new skates! I had to wear a bandaid patch where my new boots rubbed at the ankle for a while, but they soon got broken in. Good luck!