Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Life on the Ice

I know a place, where I'm happy to be,
A place where kindness does run free,
It's called the ice rink, my friends are all there,
Read on, and my story, I'll happily share.

Some skaters are young,
Some young at heart,
But all of these people,
Do play their part.

They support one another,
Through good times and bad,
And when goals are achieved,
They are grinning like mad

They pick you up when you fall,
Laugh at your poor old bruised hips
They pass on their knowledge,
About learning lutzes and flips

They spin, and they jump,
They dance and they twirl,
They make me realize,
I'm a very lucky girl

Because I know a place,
Where I'm happy to be,
It's a wonderful place
Where kindness runs free.

OK, I know bits of it don't scan, but I felt like writing a poem about skating and for something written off the top of my head, I think it's pretty good. I hope you like it. 

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  1. I hope your skating is going well, you haven't blogged in a while. :)