Friday, 3 January 2014

Things I Learnt the Hard Way #628 - All About Laces

So, conversation over dinner this evening turns to plans for tomorrow. I say I might get another skate in, after a good practice yesterday, but I'm not sure as the weather looks like it might be pretty wet and windy here.

"Oh, I wouldn't, Vicki, I'd wait a bit for your foot to heal up more." Said my mother.

Woah, wait, pause! Wait til my foot heals?! What am I talking about, I hear you ask. Well, it's a little silly, really.  

Yesterday I went to the rink, and was practicing things like back crossovers, 3 turns and trying to get the basics of backwards edges and mohawks down before my next lesson, so we can get more stuff passed in my LTS program. 

After I got off the ice, I noticed a pain in my instep area on the right foot. I'd not fallen, so was a little confused. It only hurt when I walked on it. 

So, I get home, and my mum, who is a nurse asks a few questions. "You've probably strained a muscle or tendon or something. Nothing too serious." So, since I didn't fall, how could I have done that?

I'd noticed both heels were lifting in my boots a little during 3 turns that day, and mentioned this. "If your feet are lifting, your laces aren't tight enough" said my oh so wise mother.

Then it clicked. A couple of months back, I swapped laces, to some funky coloured ones. They're actually hockey laces, and when I tied them I had just enough lace to make a knot after lacing the hooks. 

I put my original laces in, and was shocked how much tighter I could get my skates. I've been JUMPING in skates that weren't tight enough! That could've been a serious accident or injury, fortunately I was only doing turns that session. 

What a FOOL I have been. And I've paid for it, in the form of a minor injury. As my mum said, "Next time you want to change the colour of your skates, just get more boot covers, OK Vic?"

I think I'll do just that! Lesson learnt, the hard way.

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