Wednesday, 8 January 2014

When Things Click

Back on the ice today, as my foot is now all sorted. Didn't have a lesson, but got a lot of practice in and got to see my skating friends.

When I first got on the ice, there were about 3 kids on the rink, plus my coach, plus my two friends. A little busy, but doable. I did get some practice in, but it wasn't anything meaningful. One friend tried to help me with my forward inside 3 turns. I swear, I am never going to get these, they're impossible! I either just step round, or go round in a circle on my inside edge. Very annoying. 

But then, I said the same thing about the outside ones, and I seem to recall many a post on this blog about backwards one foot glides, which I can now do a little better (I passed them, after all!) So I WILL get the inside 3's, but it's gonna take time and practice. 

Anyway, we then had a coffee, and a chat before dance club. I love this group - we get to actually put our skating skills to use, which is good - I sometimes wish I hsad more moves so I could actually DO something! I can with dance, and that makes me happy. 

We ran through the Prelim Waltz, Prelim Foxtrot and Canasta Tango (which I finally got to learn properly - and really enjoy!) before moving onto our newest dance - the Cha Cha! This is one my coach has found for us, it's Pre-Bronze level, so nothing too overly complex. Well, just one little thing. Or two. Or, well, several.

1. It's so fast! I can't get all my chasse steps in! I get all confused and forget which leg is lifting up and it all goes a bit wrong. 
2. There's an evil, evil step-behind. I am so glad I'm learning this in hold first. It's not natural to put your foot behind you then pick up your front foot! 
3. Bizarre bending and then extension of the free leg - again I get a bit confused with this! You pick up your free leg, then bend your knee up, then extend back behind you. Except on the first part of the pattern where you extend forwards and cross over. 

Sigh. It's gonna take a while to get this dance! 

So, after dance club, I decided to stay and practice for a while. I wanted to work on my outside 3 turns. I've passed these, but they're not pretty. Well, something clicked!

I could lift my foot, flick my hips and then be going backwards. Normally, my free foot is straight down on the ice after the turn, and they're pathetically slow. These were quick and pretty-looking. I was very pleased, so showed my coach, and she was thrilled.

I'll get the inside 3's like this, eventually. 

Oh yes, I will. 

I also picked out the dress I'd like to buy when I've lost a little more weight. It's in my favourite colour, purple and looks lovely.

So, hopefully that dress will be mine very soon! 

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  1. The step-behinds in the cha-cha are definitely scary at first, but it's great that you are learning to do them so early in your skating career, it will be a nice skill to have! Good luck on those inside three turns, I'm still working to improve mine, just worked on them today in my moves lesson in fact.