Saturday, 1 December 2012

Skate Sharpening, Skirts, and Some other Stuff

Well, this week, I've had an enforced break from skating. I'm doing a college course, mostly by distance learning, but this past week, I had to go in for 2 days, one of those was Thursday, when I normally have a skating lesson.

This was slightly annoying, as I do enjoy my weekly escape to the ice rink, but in other ways, it was A Good Thing. I wrote in a previous post, that the factory grind on my new skates, was just starting to become blunt, and that I didn't fully trust my edges anymore. So, this week, I got my skates sharpened.

This in itself, was a bit of a mission. The rink doesn't currently have someone who is trained to use the skate sharpening machine, so they can't do it. The next nearest rink requires you to leave your skates with them, as they don't do on the day sharpening. There's another shop that does, but that's even further away than Rink No 2, so was a last resort. Then there was a man who would turn the job round in 3 days: pick up skates by courier on Monday, sharpen them on Tuesday, return to me by courier on Wednesday - but that cost around £26.

In the end, with my week off ahead, I dropped them off at Rink No 2 last Sunday. I pick them up tomorrow. The good thing is, because I got the skates at Rink No. 2, the first sharpening was free :)

So, this Thursday, I will be back on the ice, with nice sharp skates, and a new addition to my skating wardrobe.

When I learnt to skate as a child, after a couple of levels had been passed, I got my own skates, and then a lovely practice dress. I was looking at getting something similar if things worked out with taking lessons, as I loved how I used to feel on the ice, but, I'm a 22 year old, slightly overweight woman now, it would not look good! And my skating isn't that good, so I'd feel weird wearing the full on dress and tights look on a public session even if it is empty apart from me and my coach

So, I began looking at skating skirts on the internet, but I wasn't sure of sizing, and didn't really want to pay £20 plus for a skirt, plus delivery charges, for it to not fit. So, today, while out Christmas shopping, I called into a local dance shop, because essentially, I'm after a similar thing.

I now love this shop. The lady in there was very interested in my skating, and showed me various types of skirts, at various prices, and I decided I'd try on a simple circular skirt. I chose light purple, as it's my favourite colour and all my skating stuff seems to be purple, haha. The skirt fits great, and on me (5 foot 2) it comes to just above my knees. With black leggings, it looks ace. It cost £19, which I think is pretty good, and they've said when the time comes for a dress, they have a supplier who can make me something, again, great to know.

So, I can't wait to get back onto the ice. When I started skating in my leggings, I realized it made me feel good, and I think my skating improved, so we'll see what the skirt does.

Because I've not skated this week, I've been watching lots of skating on Eurosport. Wow. The skaters in these competitions are amazing, and make everything look so easy! It also reinforced the number one thing my coach tells me, that getting the basics right, is very important. None of the jumps, spins or lifts can happen without good solid basic skating skills.

It also got me thinking: when I complete Skate UK, what do I want to do next? Jumping, at the moment, seems very scary, so don't know if free skating is for me. I watched some ice dance on TV this week and I think that's where I'll go next, assuming we get some more skaters at the rink, and some of those are male dancers. I would like to do free skating as well, but jumps are a big mental hurdle at the moment, so we shall see!

Right, that's enough from me for one post, I'll be back soon, probably after my next lesson.

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