Saturday, 8 December 2012

Thinking about the Future...

So, had another lesson on Wednesday, and finished Level 2 of Skate UK. Very pleased, as I'm also halfway through Level 3, and that should get signed off this week :)

In my lesson, we did the following:

Started with basic forward skating
Then did forward chasses
Then did forward crossovers - getting better, although dreading having to learn the other direction at some point! I can now do anti-clockwise ones without my coach holding my hand, which is progress in the right direction.
Then we did moving backwards - much easier to get a glide with sharp skates. This has been signed off now!
Then we did forward one foot glides - also signed off!
Then it was 2 foot glides on a curve - signed off too! 
Then we did a 2 foot jump while skating forwards - scary, but signed off now! 
Then we did one foot glides on a curve (inside edges) - these took some practice but I'm getting them now.

So, things are progressing really well, and it's got me thinking about the future - where will I go after Skate UK? Skate UK Star is the next step, but it has 4 tracks, free skating, ice dance, synchronized skating or speed skating. Well, I'm not really into the idea of speed skating, and I'm not sure our rink has enough skaters for synchro, so that leaves me with free or ice dance.

It's a weird one, this choice. I could do both, and that would give me more options later, but the thing I can see holding me back will be a lack of partners for Dance, and my ability to jump and spin for Free. I think for now I'll keep plodding along with Skate UK, and then try both, to see if any of these problems come to light. 

The more prominent thinking I've been doing is; I think I'd like to try a skating competition, probably as a free skater. In theory, there are a couple I could potentially do in March/April 2013, if I can get to the level I need to; which just seems to be that you need a couple of jumps and spins, but no official minimum, although for the lower levels there are maximum standards. 

I want to do something with this hobby, and I think at least trying one competition would be really cool, just to say I'd done it. I've never competed in anything in my life apart from school sports days, so this could be my time to shine. Or make a complete fool of myself. 

So, do I? Don't I? I guess I'll need to speak to my coach, see how far we could get by March, but I reckon a competition in 2013 should be an achievable goal for me. 

Would love to know your thoughts on this, so please comment :) 


  1. Definitely try for the competition, it will give you a great goal to work towards! Wish I could come watch you compete!

    1. Well, I spoke to my coach after writing this post and she's said if I want to try competing when I reach the required level, she's all for it. "It'll be great fun!" was her response. So, looks like that's in my future now.

      Don't worry about being too far away, I'm sure there'll be video if I do compete! :)